Monday, December 13, 2010

How to lead a depression free life

At the outset each of us need to love ourselves. Do not underestimate yourself, your goal or the work you do. When ever you feel unhappy the main thing which we need to do is to find the reason why.

List out the things which is making you unhappy or which feels you happy like:

  • How can I avoid unhappy
  • Why I am unhappy.
  • Which are the moments and things making me happy? When and what will make me happy.
  • If we can discover the reasons within ourselves we can effortlessly get rid the depression.
  • By analyzing the root cause of the depression and avoiding and ignoring such causes.
  • By discovering and involving those which will make has happy.

Always concentrate in the present instead of regretting about the past and by worrying about the future. That will only disturb you and take you into depression.

Love, live and enjoy the present. Always be true to yourself. Be positive and neglect negatives.

Be confident don loose your emotions. Look forward and lead the life with all the happiness at the maximum.

Be kind and always be thankful to god for what you have. Satisfaction, relaxation, entertainment, will lead you to live a depression free life.