Saturday, September 20, 2008

Be alert on Negative Relationships

There are friends who gives solid supportive relationships, who pulls you up when you ar totally down. Those friends really celebrates when you are happy and shares your sadness. There are also friends who are very critical, unpredictable, unstable and very selfish around us. This is called toxic friendships. In fact this is very dangerous that utter negative relationships.

We must have detached attachment with these personalities. They will be nice to us and by that they will get our strong defenses off. We must identify them quickly and keep our grief, frustration and drama ourselves. We can avoid unncessary stress, tensions and mental restlesness by ignoring them subtley.

We should have hones look at our relationships and understand which are worthwhile to contine and which one should let go.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Toxic emotions and ways to come out

Negative emotions pollutes the mind in a most ditressful way. Low self-esteem, resentment, Anger, fear, jealousy and guilty consciousness creates toxic emotions. Even bad old food can also bring in toxins to the body. These toxins content and emotions can kill if it is not uprooted at the beginning. The first way to uproot these toxic emtions are first to recognize them. Once it is recognized we can deal that in various means and rhythmic breathing is one famous tool.

Check few tips here to rescue:

>>Understand and appreciate yourself that you want to change those bad feelings

>>Laughing is a therapy that rejunuvates mind and body, so laugh wholeheartedly.

>>Use the holidays and weekends to travel to the places surrounded by nature.

>>Have a good association with knowledgeable and intelligent person.

>>Emotional body can be calmed by aroma therapies.

>>Meditation is the amazing and best actitvity to reduce toxin emotions.

>>Be spiritual and it helps.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Start a day with healthy routines and be happy

Having a wonderful morning certainly going to give pleasant energy through out the day. Here are certain tips to start a great day.

>>Putting on soothing instrumentals or spiritual music would have positive effect on mind and that helps to reduce the stress. You can get in to positive frame of mind in the morning

>>Having a shower in hot water is having the capacity of loosening your muscles. By that you can easily stretch. While stretching the toxins inside your body flushes out. This helps to start a day with relaxed mind and capacity to handle routines of the day with ease.

>>Healthy break fast in the morning would be important as it is the most important meal of the day. A great break fast in the morning can really balance blood sugar levels and that gives the staimina/energy to meet mental and physical stess. Lot of protein and fruits are recommended in the health break fast.

>>Drinking Green tea in the morning is good choice as it has loads of antioxidants and good for health. Green tea also burns fat.

>>Engaging in yoga in the early morning can give utmost health and best stress management. Yoga also give mind peacefullness. Diaphragmic breathing also best way to shed tension and calm the mind. Doing Yoga exposed to sun can give immense energy.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Exercise and stress controlness

Everyone are very conscious about their health and that increases focus on physical exercise. People normally do exercise to control their weight and get in to better shape. They also look attractive when exercises regularly. The real fact is exercise and stress are very closely linked and act as stress reliever for the folloing reasons.

Flushes out frustrations:

Annoyance and frustration will often gives us low grade anger, which is very dangerous for health. Potentially unhealthy emotions can flushed out by practising boxing, martial arts and involving in weight lifting. This ends in increase in health and well being.

Stress harmones by exercising:

Stressful harmones such as cortisol can be decreased by exercising. It also increases the level of endophins, which gives good feel and great mood.


Regular exercise can change your appearance and clothes fit in properly. This gives lot of confidence and Strength. Even worst criticism would not affect them since they are very confident about themselves.

Increase in overall health:

Exercise strengthens immunity and thus controls illness. Stress caused by illness thus averted. Healthier longer and enjoyable life is very much certain.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Principles that makes you happy and change your life

Principles that could change your life.

  1. Dont think or speak negative things about yourself, which puts you in total disagreement with almighty

  2. No one else will encourage you, so encourage yourself and meditate on god given strengths

  3. You are unique and one of a kind, dont compare with any one

  4. Dont focus on your limitation, focus on you potential, god really lives in you

  5. Whatever you like to do, do well and do it with excellence

  6. Dont be a peaple please, be a god pleaser, in short have the courage to be different

  7. Let criticism develops you, learn to handl criticism in a positive way

  8. You are still a work in progress if you keep you shortcomings in perspective

  9. Every day focus on your greatest source of confidence, that is god himself

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Meditation - The best stress buster

Human bodies automatically react in many ways when it undergoes stress all through the day. This physical response is very useful in some extreme conditions. But continuous state of agitation can give physical damage to human body parts. In contrast, meditation works exactly opposite way. It restoring the body to a calm state and help the body to do self repairing.

By practising meditation, hear rate and breathing slows down and that normalizes blood pressure. Human body gets more oxygen with less sweat. In turn adrenal glands releases very less cortisol and mind ages at a slower rate. Top of all, immunity function improves. By meditating regularly, it is very easy to get rid of health-damaging habits like smoking, drugs and drinking.

How it works?

Meditation involves sitting in a relaxed position and clearing your mind. You may focus on a sound, like "ooommm," or on your own breathing, or on nothing at all. It’s necessary to have 5-20 distraction-free minutes to spend. It’s helpful to have silence and privacy, but more practiced meditators can do it anywhere. Many practitioners of meditation attach a spiritual component to it, but it can also be a secular exercise.

Pros and cons:

Meditation is wonderful in that it’s free, always available, and amazingly effective in short-term stress reduction and long-term health. Benefits can be felt in just one session. An experienced teacher isn’t necessary; you can learn to meditate from a book or from the resources on this site.

It does take some practice, however, and some people find it difficult to "get it" in the beginning. It also requires a little patience, and may be difficult for people with little free time (like some stay-at-home mothers who get little privacy from small children). However, the time and effort it takes to learn and practice is well worth it in terms of the benefits it provides.

Good one comparing to other stress busting methods:

Unlike some medications and herbal therapies, meditation has no potential side effects. People with physical limitations may find it easier to practice than strenuous physical exercise for stress relief, plus, no special equipment is required. Unlike enlisting the help of a professional, meditation is free. However, it does take discipline and commitment, so some people may find it more difficult to maintain as a habit than methods that enlist the help of someone or something outside themselves for added motivation. Also, some people may find it more difficult to free their minds of the thoughts of the day, and thus find it more difficult than methods like journaling that involve focusing on these events, or methods that in themselves are distracting, like physical exercise or the use of humor.