Saturday, April 4, 2009

Happy living by simple living

In the fast paced mechanical world of today, it is necessary that we have to give time for ourselves in order to live happily. Self-introspection should be done time and again. Here are few tips to keep life simple and happy.

>> Accept everyone as they are and that helps us live in harmony

>> We must learn to compromise on what we have and get. Over expectation will always leads to problem and disturbance in life.

>> Be humble and that really gives you peacefulness

>> Understand the world is loaded with goodness and only hardwork will be rewarded

>> Feeling envious is ignorance and one must understand their portion whether it is good or bad

>> Be realistic and have faith on yourself

>> Forgive yourself for the mistakes you have done.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Avoid kidney stones by having a class of water before bedtime

Lot of people tends to sleep on one side consistently during their night. These people are more likely to develop a kidney stone on the same side. This is confirmed by the researchers in Californian Universities.

The best way to avoid developing a kidney stone is having a class of water before bedtime.

Stone in kidney is nothing but an excruciating mass, which forms in kidneys due to crystals are separated from urine. Drinking water helps to dismantle this process. Drink water everyday before bedtime and lead a healthy life.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Reduce blood pressure by petting a dog

>>A pet dog is not only famous for naughty things it does. It is not only treated as a friend to his owner. Apart from showering love and gratitude, it also helps its care taker in improving their health. Yes! A pet dog can reduce the blood pressure of its owner. Numerous studies have revealed that petting a dog helps to keep blood pressure under acceptable limits especially when at the time of over stress.

>>Have a pet dog at home and maintain your blood pressure under control.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Simple ways to enhance marital relationships

>> Listen to your partner: Everyone likes to know their true feeling to be heard by their partner. So keep an empathetic to their words. Drill down and try to connect to their feelings and communicate back your understandings.

>> Have fun with them: Mechanical and repetitive life makes one frustrated. Take them to dinner alone at least once in a month. Give them surprise gift that they long solicit.

>> Make them feel that they are important: Always make them feel that they are very important in your life. Give utmost preference to their viewpoints.

>> Behave like a stranger in bed: All are having their own fantasies in life. Understand them. Grab them. Behave like a total stranger in bed in order to satisfy their fantasies.
Explore new things.

Follow the above simple ways to enhance marital relationships and live happily forever.