Saturday, December 25, 2010

Few tips to fight fearful thoughts

Fearful thoughts will hold you back. Sometimes they sound reasonable like when you are investing or starting some important decision it may be good like taking enough time by thinking about the past experience.

Fearful thoughts most of the time will make us act slowly. When you want to do some thing with a fearful thought it will lead you in utter confusion. If so many questions are behind you when you want to do something like, what others will think? Can I do? Will it work? I don’t think I can do it; I don’t have the time, or the experience or the lack of confidence. These questions and statement will hold you back.

These ongoing fearful thoughts without confidence will never give you good results.
This will only abolish your dreams. Fearful thoughts will unnecessary make you to take foolish risks.

Fight your fearful thoughts, stop thinking about others opinion. Step into action be confidence do the best without any fear. Taking wrong decision by unrealistic or by foolishness will never lead to be successful man.

Be positive in any approach and give the maximum of your efforts to all the good deeds you do. Fearful thoughts and a negative approach will lead you down. Laziness due to fear will always holds you back. Be active, relax, thing positive and always step into success.

“Everything is easy when you are busy and nothing is easy when you are lazy”

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Tips to maintain your weight

Over weight or fluctuating weight is a common issue with most all of us. Weight maintains can be done only by balancing your diet. With proper exercise and stress free life.

Most important is to practice not to eat too much at one sitting. Should have a self control of the portion you consume.

Here are some tips to stick to your weight loss Diet:

Avoid having food by standing. Make it a point to eat only in the dining areas or at the table.

Most of us will have food in front of television. Watching TV and having food will sometime make you keep on eating. So don’t watch TV while eating.

Drink six to eight glasses of water everyday this helps your body digest the food better.
To avoid over eat try to have a hot cup of non cream soup which will makes your eat slowly.

Use healthy foods by avoiding too much of fired items and junk foods which will increase your weight.

Fat free items can be consumed and baking items can be added in your diet chart.

Avoid going out to have food in an empty stomach, which will tempt you to increase the quantity of food.

Always be away with the hard drinks. Alcohol adds on calories and hangovers can cause anxiety. Hunger may get increase for high-fat or high carbohydrate foods. This ultimately increases your weight.

Weight loss needs proper dietary focus. Focus on the diet and be fit always.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Few tips to lower your cholesterol level

Cholesterol is a fat-like substance which is formed in the human body. Cholesterol should be balanced to lead a healthy life. When the blood contains too much of cholesterol the excess cholesterol gets deposited on the inner lining of the artery wall. This reduces the space in the artery and thickens and hardens the artery.

There will be a difficulty in blood flow due to the space reduction in the artery. This will lead to the chest pain. If the blood flow is stopped in the coronary arteries it will lead to heart attack.

Cholesterol can be controlled by good exercise and a balanced diet. To increase the good cholesterol, body exercising is the best way. Regular exercise and balanced food can reduce your cholesterol.

Few tips to lower your cholesterol level:

  • Having fresh fruit juice and vegetable juice, coffee and tea is harmless.
  • Fish does not contain fat so it can be used.
  • Only white part of the egg can be eaten by those who have high cholesterol.
  • Clear soups can be consumed.
  • Wheat food can be used in high quantity than the rice items.
  • Comparing to rice wheat is having lower fat.

Few Don’ts:

  • To control the cholesterol mainly, we should avoid fat items in the food. Milk, milk products like yogurt, condensed milk, butter, cheese which contain fats should be avoided.
  • Try to avoid meat and fleshy items, fried oily foods, chocolates, cocoa, cream dessert, which increases the fat.
  • Oils like coconut oil, dalda, saturated oils are also not good for those who are having high cholesterol.
  • Eat a balanced diet and exercise regularly to lower your cholesterol and live healthy.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Tips for healthy relationships to lead a happy life

Family is the foundation for our life. Good Quality relationships with parents and siblings create security and love. Family relationships should be molded with Love, concern, accepting, avoid ego, sparing time etc.

Unharmonious relationships can be turned into loving relationships by communication.

Main and most important thing nowadays is communication gap; when it is lacking many problems will never get a solution. To get the love you want in your relationships it is very important to communicate. Avoid ego, forget and forgive, speak out and find out a solution to make the family relationship healthy and sweet.

The communication style should be with utmost care without loosing temper.
Speak your true feeling openly and honestly without any fear. Do not blame and avoid judgments that can ruin relationships. Blaming and giving statement on others will never work, inurn try to analysis the breakdown and solve it in a good manner.

Giving love, caring and acceptance will always try to build a strong and a smooth relationship. True love in relation ships will make a home feel like a heaven.

Ego is the main and most enemy which come across in every relationship, we are ready to feel sorry, give thanks, and request “please” with the strangers without any ego. We are always egoistic with our own relationship. We really forget to say thanks or feel sorry within the relationship. Avoid ego within relationships.

In this mechanical world sparing time to relationship is not done by most of us. Spending time, Outing will not only give us relaxation it will help to maintain a strong relationship.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Overcome bad habits and be good to yourself

Each and every human in the world will be addicted to some or other bad or negative habits. First and foremost thing which we should do is to estimate and analysis within ourselves what the main the cause is and why we are addicted to that bad habit.

We will be very sure and in our subconscious mind, we are aware that what we are doing is wrong but can’t be able to control by ourselves.

All of a sudden it is impossible to stop or end the practice, but can be done gradually. If one doesn't have a self control on ourselves who else will have? Need to learn how to control our own life.

Without will power nothing will work out. We should be strong enough and make sure that it is possible to over come and conquer the bad habits.

Try to become a truly self-determined person; So that you will be able to enjoy your life by rules and on your terms.

Convert your passion to something which is most useful and try to estimate the value of life. Try to change or convert your habitual ways of thinking. This will definitely works out.

We can control the things which will damage our own success. Always, be a self- determined person to become a successful human. Take a control of yourself. Be free to get a help from a close friend or if necessary consult a doctor for counseling.

To lead a happiness and enjoyment life there is nothing wrong to triumph over the bad habits. Be good to you and enjoy the life.