Saturday, October 18, 2008

Few Tips for having peace of mind

People are happy to forget their problems, troubles and worries and they like to have moments of inner calmness and freedom from obsessing thoughts. Check below few tips to have peace of mind.

>>Don’t spend too much time in reading newspapers.
>>Reduce watching news on Televisions.
>>Avoid indulging in negative conversations with negative people.
>>Learn to forgive and forgot. Avoid having grudges. Grudge only hurts you and disturbs sleep.
>>Win over you jealous on others. It only shows that you have low-esteem and it disturbs inner peace.
>>Accept everything as it is. Don’t try to change others rather change yourself.
>>Increase your patent and tolerance levels.
>>Have detached attachment and don’t take everything persona.
>>Practice concentration exercises and meditation.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Money is not everything to be happy

People have many and varied goals that they pursue, there is an almost universal underlying goal to virtually all pursuits: the goal to be happy. Those who spends lot of time making money generally do so because they believe that the only money will make them happy, or will guard them against things that will make them unhappy. If the focus isn’t on the money, but on the jobs that bring the money, those jobs are generally thought to make people happy. People strive for that perfect relationship, the perfect house, the beautiful body, the approval of others, all in an attempt to be happy. Sometimes these things make us happy; other times, we stress over not having reached our goals, or we reach them and find that we’re still not happy. Other times, we focus so intensely on one goal that’s thought to bring happiness that we don’t have time for other things in our life that will make us truly happy. This can all be confusing, and begs the question: how does one reach the goal of being happy?

Positive Psychology experts—those who study human happiness and the factors that contribute to it--have identified several key areas of life that seem to be more related to personal happiness. While it’s not an absolute given that dissatisfaction on one or three areas of life will lead to personal unhappiness or that satisfaction in most areas will automatically lead to bliss, there is a correlation: if you’re more satisfied with these areas of your life, you tend to be happier in general. So what are the things in life that are correlated with personal happiness? Some of them are the things that you would expect: money, friends, health, and living conditions; others are things you may not think of in your daily life, such as your neighborhood, spirituality, community involvement, and sense of meaning in life.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Sudarshan Kriya - Rhythmical Breathing Process

Keeping mind and body in complete control is becoming tougher and tougher. But there are methods, which makes this possible. And Sudarshan Kriya that is been revealed by Sri Sri Ravishankar is one among them.

Sudarshan Kriya is a rhythmical breathing process that produces chemical messengers by allows the pleasant and healthy mind. These chemical messengers travel from the nervous system and immune systems. These process ends in overall improvement of Mind and Body.

Even All India Institute Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi, India studied Sudarshan Kriya and revealed that this breathing technic gives mind relaxation, etc.

Now about Sudarshan Kriya:

Kriya involves regulating one’s breath to the sounds of “So-hum”, where ‘So’ means breathing in and ‘hum’ means breathing out. Kriya further involves multiple rounds of breathing having short, medium and long inhalation and exhalation with different rhythms and intensities.

Few excerpts from Kriya

>Three stages of breathing called ‘Kanishka Pranayama’ done in Vajrasana position.
>In this stage, one should learn ‘Ujjai’ breathing, which is very crucial to do Kriya
>Then process goes on to ‘Bhastrika Pranayama’. This is said to be fat burner equal to few kilometers walking.
>After ‘Bhastrika Pranayama’, the Sudarshan Kriya’s rhythmical breathing starts.

Everyone can do this to keep their mind and body healthy. This should be definitely learned from qualified teachers.