Saturday, November 27, 2010

Tips to keep children happy

Today is the world where humans live like machines, in which there is only limited time to spare with children and to take care of their emotional needs, which is a real fact. Yes of course; we do fulfill their needs with funds which are like our responsibility. Do we really think about their sensations?

Aren’t there more children or youths who are depressed and disappointed; isn’t stress and unhappiness increasing; and emotional burn outs common?

Emotional behaviors of children like anger, crying, hitting needs to be taken care by parents in a touching way. We need to realize the situations and make them understand their emotions. Spending time with the children is most important to make them feel secure and happy. Parents, instead of bursting with their anger and feelings, need to try and identify child’s feelings.

Help children in their regular activities, pay attention on them, appreciate, play and have fun with them and make them involve in small household activities. Today, children do have lot of hectic pressure in studies. Parent’s involvement and helping them is not only a task but giving importance to their emotionally feelings and making them enjoy each and every situation.

Prevention is better than cure. Understand, express love, give affection, and offer them emotional needs which a child desires a lot.


End is not a negative word END means “Effort Never Dies”
No is not a negative word NO means “Next Opportunity”