Monday, January 24, 2011

Tips to relax your body and your mind

Relaxation is the most and very important activity which should be adapted by everyone. “Very busy no time to relax” is the common statement which can be heard nowadays. Relaxations boosts up your body and rejuvenate your mind and can optimize success.

Implement a passive attitude. Don’t try to make anything happen. Move toward with a “let it be” perspective. Approach every thing in an easy manner. Do not strain yourself.

Choose an environment that is free of distractions. Practice relaxation with various techniques and ad days goes you will be more familiar with it and will learn to relax anywhere you need.

Keep yourself safe: Set up a place and make sure that you are in a setting that does not bother any things other than your relaxation. Position yourself on chair with neck and back support, a firm bed, or a mat, choose a comfortable position that can maintain for at least 10 minutes of relaxation.

Practice often: Relaxation is a skill that must be learned everyday is best . Start with short relaxation sessions. With practice starting from 5 minutes to 20 minutes is quite reasonable.

Set a time: Choose a time to relax either during early morning or while sleeping doesn’t matter. Relaxation can be given to your body and mind also during the high level of stress. When your stress level increased automatically your energy becomes low during such time relaxation is very essential.

There is no specific method to relax each and everyone can choose according to their wish and can try our different strategies to see which one meet your needs.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Tips for Mental Health

Mental health is how we maintain our inner strength in healthy way and what all the practices we can do to keep our self and our mind always in relax.

Build confidence by identifying your abilities. Each and every one is blessed with lot of abilities, do the best with what you have. At the same times try to accept and build the weaknesses which is lacking you. Confidence level should be immense to balance the life.

Exercise and balanced diet will definitely reduce your stress level. Life can be made easy and enjoyable with the proper care and attention where you give by yourself. Rest is very essential sound sleep and proper rest taken after every tight schedule work is must.

Spending time with family and friends will help you sharing life’s joy and also sorrows. Relationships need to be nurtured it should not be taken for granted. If it is taken for granted you will be all alone in this world. Give time and spend time for the relationship who loves and take care of you. Friends and family relationships thrive whey are “put to the test”. So always give and accept the support from them.

Budget: Prepare a balance budget reduce or avoid Over spending than our needs. Financial problem is also one of the reasons to cause stress. Saving habit will help to solve the financial problems.

Managing stress is an art learning how to deal with them when they threaten and to overwhelm us will maintain our mental health. Involve and try spending time in helping others those who are in need which will give your more mental satisfaction.

Sharing problems with your near ones may help you find a solution and will make you feel less isolated. Express our feelings of anger sadness, joy and fear in a safe and constructive ways, which will help in reducing stress.

Learn to balance what you can and cannot change about yourself and get to know who you are and what makes you really happy. Learn to be at peace with yourself always.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Easy methods to manage our stress and anxiety levels

Anxiety is the most importance causes fro us to have lot of health problems. Daily stress and anxiety takes us to a series of diseases and will make us very weak both physically and mentally.

Anxiety relief usually comes from our mental constitution that is within us. We should be fixed with the stress free life and avoid tensions to lead an enjoyable life. Yes it is not an easy to avoid tension and stress from our daily busy and mechanical life. We have to practice and get them reduce without bothering our mind and health.

Identify all the triggering factors one by one by yourself that gives you stress and anxiety. Make your mind seek practical solutions to anxiety. Try to find out a solution by yourself without resorting to any medications and ofcourse drugs. Try to solve the problems by analyzing their level of influence. List out those on priority basis and find out, a perfect healing method. Anxiety level can be reduced only by your hard work and perseverance.

Self healing anxiety relief measures are:

  • Have a balanced and proper diet. Avoid high sugar and introduce more liquid into your diet.
  • Meditation and yoga makes your mind relax and stress free.
  • Regular exercises are one of the best ways to relax and to get relief from stress and anxiety.
  • Have a Sound sleep at least 7 hours daily. Sound sleep leads to a sound body.
  • There is nothing great like a good night sleep.
  • Control and reduce your anger level which is a big trigger to increase the anxiety levels. Be patience and try to tolerate.
  • Maintain relationship level with family and at work by developing a give and take attitude to avoid all types of quarrels.

Anxiety relief is possible only with your active cooperation and involvement. Livings in favorable and unfavourable conditions are part of living; living happily in all those conditions is art of living.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Tips for a healthy relationship

Maintaining a healthy relationship requires lot of love, faith, understanding and definitely blessings. True love and faith will make the relationship very stronger. Understanding and forgiveness between each will lead the relationship to sail in a better way.

Love and take care of yourself: We need to be strong, flexible and make our hearts strong. So do exercise to stay healthy. Move your body in ways that are fun for you like listening music, playing with pets, swimming etc. Eat balanced diet with fresh vegetables, fruits and healthy foods.

Take time to express the love: Try and do express love in many ways through loving touch, kind touch, spending time together, by appreciation, by giving surprise gifts and by nurturing each other. This will help to explore your affection. Discover and bring new and fresh ideas and share it with your partner.

Understand yourself: Without blaming or judgment meet each other and share what is true for you. Be compassionate within yourself and with your partner. Analysis the problems and give importance to the feelings.

Sex: There should not be any boundaries which will bring you together with fire of passion. Sexual intimacy is a way to enhance connection between you two.

Clear communication: Communications plays an important role in the healthy relationship, avoid argument, listen to each other, look at each other, give respect, do not use harsh words and don’t abuse. Try to find a solution in an amicable ways instead of hurting individual views. An argument will never be a salvation instead it will break the relationship without understanding. Stay calm and relax.

Sharing: Be positive as much as possible. Pray and meditate for all your dreams to fulfill and to lead a healthy, loveable and happy life. Share your dreams and vision and move toward it with courage. Do any favor with whole heartedly and happy for your partner if it can be done.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Few herbal remedies for diabetes

For effective management of diabetes correct nutritional food choices play a vital role. Carbohydrates should be consumed less and intake should be increased with the fiber content. Green vegetable and sprouted beans fresh fruits and whole grains should be consumed sufficiently.

Eating lightly spiced and freshly cooked foods are advised but intake of starchy vegetables such as yam beetroot and potatoes should be avoided. Drinking plenty of water and regular exercise will help to keep the diabetes level stable.

Herbal remedies for diabetes like fenugreek, amla, curry leaves and bitter gourd can be used in such a way to control the sugar level.

Fenugreek: Methi seeds can be powdered or whole methi seeds can also be chewed and swallowed daily. The seeds can be soaked overnight and then drink the water next morning is also good for diabetes patient.

Amla: Vitamin C content is high in amla and it work along with its stimulating action on the pancreas to reduce blood sugar levels. A tablespoon of amla juice mixed with a cup of bitter gourd juice helps to secrete insulin.

Curry leaves: They possess the qualities of herbal tonic which improve the digestive functions. Fresh leaves can also be chewed whole in the morning or curry leaves juice can be consumed with buttermilk.

Bitter gourd: This has a capacity of lowering the blood sugar level. It is also rich in calcium, dietary fiber, iron, and immunity boosting.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Health supplements for children

Nowadays parents want to provide the best of nutrition to their children so that they can excel in all domains of school life and beyond. In earlier days kids use to have whatever was cooked or available. But it is not the thing now. Parents are often confused about whether their child needs anything other than a healthy balanced diet.

The best nutrition for a newborn baby is breast milk. Breast milk will increase the resistance power in child. Infant which is on breast feeding does not need any calcium supplementation. Breast milk is the complete food for the child before six months.
If the baby is getting cow milk who is not breastfed for any reason, it will need supplementation with calcium vitamin and iron.

For children between six months to one year of age, iron supplementation is recommended. Dosage of iron will prevent iron deficiency which can then cause low hemoglobin.

Vitamin supplementation is essential for the children to compensate the eating habits as most of the food is cooked and cooking destroys most of the water soluble vitamins. If the child is getting breast milk for six times a day no supplementation is required. Two cups of milk a day is sufficient to meet the calcium requirement. Till one year iron and multivitamin supplementation is also needed apart from the breast milk.

Between the age of one and two the only supplementation that is required is iron. Between one to two years supplement of iron is required.

Consuming non vegetation food more than twice a week is usually sufficient to prevent iron deficiency. Other than milk calcium food like fish beans tomatoes can also be added.

After two years a good balanced diet with adequate dairy products, fruits and vegetable is sufficient to provide for the nutritional requirements for the child.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

7 Secrets of Success in life

Success can be achieved only through experiences of trial and suffering, which makes the soul strengthened. Through confidence our vision should be clear and we can gain strength.

We must do the thing, which we cannot do. Each and every experience teaches us a good lesson, whether the experience is success or failure. Failure is the stepping stone for success.

These are the 7 secrets of success:
  • Aim high: always aim high so that we can reach our goal
  • Be cool: Take things in a lighter side and be cool always.
  • Every minute is precious: Time is precious don’t waste or postpone what you can do today.
  • Reflect before you act: Before committing or commencing think twice.
  • See the world: Look around and be conscious in what ever you do.
  • Be up to date: Be alert and gather all the information and keep your eyes open.
  • Push hard to achieve your goal: Goal should be the only aim and need to work hard to achieve your goal.
“A winner is not one who never fails, but one who never quits in life”.”

One who wins without problem it is just “VICTORY” One who wins with lost of troubles it is History”. These are the Diamond words of Hitler.

Live life to the fullest and give it our extreme best.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Tips to prevent virus in children

Routine immunization schedule and vaccines is commonly recommended by the doctors to prevent viral infections. Apart from these vaccines, germs can be prevented by us by following these steps.

  • Avoid close contact with sick people. Virus can be easily spread through mouth and nose. Cover your mouth and nose when you cough or sneeze.
  • Wash your hands regularly when you are back from outside. If you have been in the crowded areas like shopping places and busy areas make sure you have a bath or at least wash your face hands and legs.
  • Washing hands with soap after using toilets, after changing diapers will avoid spreading virus. Always wash your hands before preparing and after eating food.
  • Drink lots of water to avoid dehydration if you become dehydrated you may be more at risk to illness.
  • Clean dirty surfaces and soiled items including toys. Wash them initially with soap and water before proceeding. Sterilize the feeding bottles before use.
  • Avoid close contact with viral infected persons don allow them to kiss, hug etc.
  • Get enough sleep to fight against the infection. If your are very tired it is hard to fight infection.
  • Stay home if you feel sick don’t send your child to school if he or she is sick. This will help to reduce in spreading infection not only within ourselves but also to others.
  • Parties are the places in which number of people milling around where the foods will be kept open. There is high possibility of transmitting germs through food from one person to others while they cough.
  • Talk to your doctor if there is any special immunizations you may need to avoid any other contagious diseases.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Tips and secrets to stay young

The secret to stay young is balance which is the key to a lifetime of analyzing all factors of life. There should be a balance in our lives in everything that we do like work, entertainment, travel, relationships, food, exercise and all the other factors that go towards making up a complete person.

The one fact that we need to keep within our focus is that we need to plan each and every thing we do. Eat right and exercise regularly. if we can make changes in our lives especially where fitness and healthy eating is concerned, that we can sustain throughout our lives.

Daily exercise plan:

Start with 30 minutes of exercise and work up to at least 1 hour everyday. Simple exercise like walking running, bicycling and swimming can be planned. Don’t forget to stretch after every work out.

Daily diet plan:

Plan your diet it depends on your ability to eat the right quantities of all the foods that your body needs each day. Different types of foods like cereals, fruits, milk, meat, fats and oil everything should be equally balanced. Each and every food has its own calories and vitamins which is essentially required for our human body.

Planning and making arrangements will make you save your time and this will reduce tension. Without planning and working out things in rush will ultimately end up thing in chaos.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Few tips to fight fearful thoughts

Fearful thoughts will hold you back. Sometimes they sound reasonable like when you are investing or starting some important decision it may be good like taking enough time by thinking about the past experience.

Fearful thoughts most of the time will make us act slowly. When you want to do some thing with a fearful thought it will lead you in utter confusion. If so many questions are behind you when you want to do something like, what others will think? Can I do? Will it work? I don’t think I can do it; I don’t have the time, or the experience or the lack of confidence. These questions and statement will hold you back.

These ongoing fearful thoughts without confidence will never give you good results.
This will only abolish your dreams. Fearful thoughts will unnecessary make you to take foolish risks.

Fight your fearful thoughts, stop thinking about others opinion. Step into action be confidence do the best without any fear. Taking wrong decision by unrealistic or by foolishness will never lead to be successful man.

Be positive in any approach and give the maximum of your efforts to all the good deeds you do. Fearful thoughts and a negative approach will lead you down. Laziness due to fear will always holds you back. Be active, relax, thing positive and always step into success.

“Everything is easy when you are busy and nothing is easy when you are lazy”