Saturday, December 4, 2010

Apology can set right so many things

In today’s speedy life do we really give value to apologize for the bad manners we do?

Do we say sorry or treat our beloved ones without ego? Without any hesitate we will say sorry to the stranger when and where it requires. Why not in our sweet home?

Actually apologizing is the instant you realize that you have done something wrong.
Feeling sorry will make us to avoid unnecessary tensions.

Admitting the mistakes during bad temper will make things normal and entire picture can be altered. Instead of argument, clarify the truth without doubt and explain it.

Regret for what you did and it can set right the break. Feeling sorry or saying sorry will show our dedication to be truthful. To be sorry will show our commitment to be honest.
Excuse won’t show or make us perfect but it shows our commitment to be honest.

True love should always have a willing to say sorry when required.
Love and give true love forever.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Fasting is the effective way to be healthy

Fasting not only cleans the toxins it removes excess fat which is been accumulated in the human body. Fasting for a shorter time can be attempted before fasting for a longer period. Should be clean and hygienic and need to take sufficient physical and mental rest before fasting.

It helps to overcome physical and mental weakness that can be seen in the form of food habit, depression, laziness, low energy or any other chronic ailments. While fasting fresh fruits and juices can be taken.

Fasting makes our body easily to adapt in the extreme seasons of summer and winter and to more moderate seasons like spring and autumn. While breaking fast avoid over eating. Fasting is good for the health. Fasting should be avoided during illness. It enhances the quality of sleep and energizes the body. Fasting improves the mental awareness and keeps our mind peaceful.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Positive approach to lead a peaceful life

How to look on the positive side of a situation?

Each morning when you wake up you have two choices. Choose to be in a good mood or choose to be in a bad mood. Each time if something bad happens choose to be a victim or you can choose to learn from it.

Always choose to learn from it. Choose positive side of life. It is not easy….. But nothing is impossible if you practice.

Life is all about choices. When you cut away all the junk in every situation is a choice.

  • Choose how you react to situations
  • Choose how people will affect your mood
  • Choose to be in a good mood or bad mood

It is your choice how you live your life. So, positive approach always will help you to lead a peaceful life.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Easy steps to remain happy

Try these five simple guidelines:

1. Free your heart from hatred: Avoid those whom you think will create needless troubles. Don’t carry enmity, just ignore and focus on something which you like the most.

2. Free your mind from worry: To overcome worries it is easy to divert ourselves by listening music, playing with children, chanting, meditation, cooking and involving ourselves in gardening etc. Gardening gives us not only enjoyment but also helps to defeat the stress if there is any. Worries will make us sick and won’t be able to give full involvement in the work we do. Free from worries and be healthy.

3. Lead a simple life: Leading a simple life by helping others which will give us pleasure. Be humble always even after achieving enormous growth.

4. Confer extra: Always try to be true. Grant and express your love and affection to others .Do not hide your feelings. Give more care and love where there is no boundary.

5. Expect fewer: Never ever expect any things from others .Expectation may always hurt. Shower your inner most good thoughts and care without any expectations. No one can fulfill our own expectations. So expect less.

6. Deposit all your happiness in your bank account of memories, which can be credited throughout all your life which will remain as sweet memories

Mantra for happiness
  • Add friends
  • Subtract enemies
  • Divide wealth
  • Multiply happiness