Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tips for handling pressure situation

Choking under pressure is often happens. This is mainly because of one’s performance anxiety. People always fear defeat and that is why they always choke when they put under pressure. Here are some effective tips to handle pressure and win in any situation.

>> Never think the given situation or chance is the last in our life. Always believe and trust there is always better opportunity waiting.

>> Believe in continuous practicing. Practice makes one perfect and that delivers complete performance

>> Always understand and accept everyone is destined to execute certain tasks and we will only get what we destined. So, forget about the result and keep giving the best.

>> Never tell yourself to concentrate hard and do everything with ease. That helps you to bring your natural skill to flow out. In other words, it keeps you stay cool.

>> Decide that you take both victory and defeat in the same stride.

Understand there is no perfect thing in this world. Live in the present and live stress free life.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Few exercising tips when you suddenly faint down

Most of the people could have definitely fainted atleast once in their life time. There are variety of reasons make one to faint down. A fearful or unbearable situation or low blood pressure can occur fainting. A faint normally happens because of hypotension, which slow down the heart rate since vagus nerve stimulates. A vagus nerve is the nerve that runs from the brain to several organ systems.

What we should do when we feel like fainting? Here are few tips.

>> Put your head between your knees
>> Have your hand clasped, interlock fingers and pull in opposite direction
>> Keep your legs crossed at the ankles, squeeze the thighs together and give tense to your abdominal muscles
>> Squeeze a soft ball rhythmically; tense the thighs and abdomen muscles

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Group singing helps to live happily

Singing along is common activity we watch and some even could have engaged. Group singing carries lot of benefits. You might have seen those indulging in group singing express utter happiness and enjoyment. Here are few benefits can be derived from group singing.

>> Group singing decreases stress levels by reducing stress based hormone cortisol.
>> It also increases immune system.
>> Group singing is also a kind of deep breathing exercise.
>> It gives attention to lungs, diaphragm and abdominal muscles, thus improve its performances
>> Group singing also directs to active involvement in volunteer services.
>> It helps to built social network.
>> Choral singing helps those who are mentally down to get their motivations and inspirations back.
>> It also helps to get deep sleep.

On a whole group singing is good for health.