Monday, December 6, 2010

Breakfast a key meal of the day

Most of us ignore and give less importance for even food. Who bothers about the nutritious food in the today’s mechanical life?

Most of the children and even adults is skipping breakfast. How many of us really know that we are easily spoiling our health by just having a cup of milk or other beverages instead of a heavy breakfast.

Break fast is the first food, which we in-take after a long break. Break-Fast means breaking the fast. Take healthy food as your breakfast. Skipping breakfast will lead our health into various illnesses. Healthy breakfast will help us to refresh our body system.

It is very good and advisable to have a fresh juice before having breakfast. During breakfast have hot water or tea instead of cold water. Many Heart problems can be avoided if we practice this.

Breakfast should be taken like a king and Dinner as a pauper.

Healthy breakfast will keep us fit and entire day can be active and fresh.