Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Relaxation with humor

None of us will have an aversion to humor.

Humor sense is a gift and everybody can not deliver humor. Everyone will enjoy humor. Joking, making fun of it, reading jokes, hearing or watching comedy scene is truly a stress relief.

Currently laughing therapy has been introduced as an exercise, which is helpful to break stress. Constant worries can be easily diverted by reading hilarious stories or by watching interesting comedies. Tension and pressure life will definitely lead anxiety, and worry, and in due course healthiness may get ruin.

To manage with all the stress it is important to spend some time for us, there are so many ways to relax, like doing exercise, meditation, listening to music, gardening etc. But easy and very effective technique to get clear of the stress is humor.

Humor can not be easily delivered by everyone, to make others giggle is an art. Happiness lies in each and every thing you enjoy. Laughter is like a medicine. Laugh louder and get rid of all the stress, pain, and tension. Live in the pink and lead a smiley life.