Thursday, December 9, 2010

Nutritious food for a healthy body

In this fast world fast food plays a vital role in our food habits. Most of us make a fuss of the foods that are not nutritious. Eating junk foods has become a passion for the children too.

Eating Healthy and nutritious food help to keep our body system, active and fresh. Avoid fat, oily items which will increase the cholesterol.

Here are some tips:

  • High saturated fats like coconut oil palm oil can be avoid while cooking.
  • Use chicken by removing skin which contains high fat,
  • While cooking green vegetable do not over cook.
  • Instead of peeling the skin of vegetables scrub and use, as many nutrients are found close to the skin.
  • Use fresh vegetables and fruits. Use vinegar while cooking the vegetable which will add flavors.
  • Don not over boil the vegetables use smaller quantity of water while boiling.
  • Avoid fried items eat steamed, baked food to retain the nutrients.

Eat Healthy and live healthy.