Saturday, December 4, 2010

Apology can set right so many things

In today’s speedy life do we really give value to apologize for the bad manners we do?

Do we say sorry or treat our beloved ones without ego? Without any hesitate we will say sorry to the stranger when and where it requires. Why not in our sweet home?

Actually apologizing is the instant you realize that you have done something wrong.
Feeling sorry will make us to avoid unnecessary tensions.

Admitting the mistakes during bad temper will make things normal and entire picture can be altered. Instead of argument, clarify the truth without doubt and explain it.

Regret for what you did and it can set right the break. Feeling sorry or saying sorry will show our dedication to be truthful. To be sorry will show our commitment to be honest.
Excuse won’t show or make us perfect but it shows our commitment to be honest.

True love should always have a willing to say sorry when required.
Love and give true love forever.