Friday, December 3, 2010

Fasting is the effective way to be healthy

Fasting not only cleans the toxins it removes excess fat which is been accumulated in the human body. Fasting for a shorter time can be attempted before fasting for a longer period. Should be clean and hygienic and need to take sufficient physical and mental rest before fasting.

It helps to overcome physical and mental weakness that can be seen in the form of food habit, depression, laziness, low energy or any other chronic ailments. While fasting fresh fruits and juices can be taken.

Fasting makes our body easily to adapt in the extreme seasons of summer and winter and to more moderate seasons like spring and autumn. While breaking fast avoid over eating. Fasting is good for the health. Fasting should be avoided during illness. It enhances the quality of sleep and energizes the body. Fasting improves the mental awareness and keeps our mind peaceful.