Sunday, March 8, 2009

Healthy tips for Men

1) Ignore "white foods" – Eliminate while foods such as white sugar, white flour, bread and baked food with white flour. These foods raise blood sugar and causes health hazards. It causes diabetes and weight gain.

2) Eliminate dangerous Trans fats – Completely avoid deep friend foods and foods made up of hydro generated oils. Eat only healthy fats such as olive oil and omega 3G oils.

3) Take a daily multi vitamin mineral supplement

4) Perform aerobics exercise in your daily exercise routine. It helps greatly for cardiovascular conditioning.

5) Always maintain your optimal weight and conscious on that will give you optimum health.

6) Drink alcohol moderately. It protects against heart diseases.

7) Maintain vigorous sexual function – Have healthy diet that helps to maintain vigorous sexual function. Eat figs, oats and badam to increase the blood circulation to your reproductive organs. Quit smoking as it make a man impotent. Avoid passive smoking.

8) Maintain close relationships with your family, woman, friends and pets. It really helps to stay away from stress.

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