Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Lead life of your dream

>>List your frustrations: Summarize all the frustration you have in your life. Even if it is smallest of the frustrations write it down. This is a kind of vending out.

>>List your positives: In each frustration you have summarized, find a positive aspect. This will help you to understand that there is solution for each problems and stressful situations.

>>Maintain positiveness: Whatever you involved in, just do it with passion and grace. You will sense that positiveness is spread through you and your work.

>>Visualize the better life: Always visualize what you want in your life. Never involve something, which you don’t like. List all you like and all visualize how you would feel when you those.

>>Think, feel and act: Be sure that your thinking, feeling and acting are focusing towards your goal.

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