Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Take a leaf from Mother Nature

One of the best ways to de-stress is to bring a bit of nature into your life. Every landscape in nature is constantly changing and this can soothe the mind as you lose yourself. Look out of your window at the different shapes and sizes of the clouds, none of them will be the same as yesterday. Or think about the changing seasons, the blazing summer and the cold winter. There is no monotony in nature and so you can never get tired of it.

Try the simple pleasures of nature, read a magazine under a tree, walk in the waves and get drenched in a shower of spray; pluck the prettiest flowers you can find in your garden. If you want something wilder, try dancing in the rain or climbing the tallest mountain you find! And if all that seems out of your league, simply bring in an aquarium with fish and watch them swim. Look at various possibilities and you are sure to find something you love…this will not only de-stress you but bring you an abiding inner connection with our beautiful earth.

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