Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Fasting Cures Many Diseases

Missing few meals or taking a short fast can cure colds, headaches, nervous spells and other acute troubles. So many people learned that trick of that. It can relieve the overloaded and food poisoned system. It is the most effective and simplest way to practice. For one’s survival and healthy life very little food is needed.

Diseases can be cured or minimized by the nature cure philosophy called “Fasting”. Unwanted food will store as toxins in the body. Toxins slowly destroy the immune system of the body. When immune system is affected then the human body is completely prone to diseases. But fasting eliminate the toxins from the body.

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geetha said...

Most of the time, i used to suffer from head ache due to hungerness.. In that case, how can i take a short fast sir?