Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Easy methods to manage our stress and anxiety levels

Anxiety is the most importance causes fro us to have lot of health problems. Daily stress and anxiety takes us to a series of diseases and will make us very weak both physically and mentally.

Anxiety relief usually comes from our mental constitution that is within us. We should be fixed with the stress free life and avoid tensions to lead an enjoyable life. Yes it is not an easy to avoid tension and stress from our daily busy and mechanical life. We have to practice and get them reduce without bothering our mind and health.

Identify all the triggering factors one by one by yourself that gives you stress and anxiety. Make your mind seek practical solutions to anxiety. Try to find out a solution by yourself without resorting to any medications and ofcourse drugs. Try to solve the problems by analyzing their level of influence. List out those on priority basis and find out, a perfect healing method. Anxiety level can be reduced only by your hard work and perseverance.

Self healing anxiety relief measures are:

  • Have a balanced and proper diet. Avoid high sugar and introduce more liquid into your diet.
  • Meditation and yoga makes your mind relax and stress free.
  • Regular exercises are one of the best ways to relax and to get relief from stress and anxiety.
  • Have a Sound sleep at least 7 hours daily. Sound sleep leads to a sound body.
  • There is nothing great like a good night sleep.
  • Control and reduce your anger level which is a big trigger to increase the anxiety levels. Be patience and try to tolerate.
  • Maintain relationship level with family and at work by developing a give and take attitude to avoid all types of quarrels.

Anxiety relief is possible only with your active cooperation and involvement. Livings in favorable and unfavourable conditions are part of living; living happily in all those conditions is art of living.