Sunday, December 26, 2010

Tips and secrets to stay young

The secret to stay young is balance which is the key to a lifetime of analyzing all factors of life. There should be a balance in our lives in everything that we do like work, entertainment, travel, relationships, food, exercise and all the other factors that go towards making up a complete person.

The one fact that we need to keep within our focus is that we need to plan each and every thing we do. Eat right and exercise regularly. if we can make changes in our lives especially where fitness and healthy eating is concerned, that we can sustain throughout our lives.

Daily exercise plan:

Start with 30 minutes of exercise and work up to at least 1 hour everyday. Simple exercise like walking running, bicycling and swimming can be planned. Don’t forget to stretch after every work out.

Daily diet plan:

Plan your diet it depends on your ability to eat the right quantities of all the foods that your body needs each day. Different types of foods like cereals, fruits, milk, meat, fats and oil everything should be equally balanced. Each and every food has its own calories and vitamins which is essentially required for our human body.

Planning and making arrangements will make you save your time and this will reduce tension. Without planning and working out things in rush will ultimately end up thing in chaos.