Monday, January 24, 2011

Tips to relax your body and your mind

Relaxation is the most and very important activity which should be adapted by everyone. “Very busy no time to relax” is the common statement which can be heard nowadays. Relaxations boosts up your body and rejuvenate your mind and can optimize success.

Implement a passive attitude. Don’t try to make anything happen. Move toward with a “let it be” perspective. Approach every thing in an easy manner. Do not strain yourself.

Choose an environment that is free of distractions. Practice relaxation with various techniques and ad days goes you will be more familiar with it and will learn to relax anywhere you need.

Keep yourself safe: Set up a place and make sure that you are in a setting that does not bother any things other than your relaxation. Position yourself on chair with neck and back support, a firm bed, or a mat, choose a comfortable position that can maintain for at least 10 minutes of relaxation.

Practice often: Relaxation is a skill that must be learned everyday is best . Start with short relaxation sessions. With practice starting from 5 minutes to 20 minutes is quite reasonable.

Set a time: Choose a time to relax either during early morning or while sleeping doesn’t matter. Relaxation can be given to your body and mind also during the high level of stress. When your stress level increased automatically your energy becomes low during such time relaxation is very essential.

There is no specific method to relax each and everyone can choose according to their wish and can try our different strategies to see which one meet your needs.