Monday, January 3, 2011

Few herbal remedies for diabetes

For effective management of diabetes correct nutritional food choices play a vital role. Carbohydrates should be consumed less and intake should be increased with the fiber content. Green vegetable and sprouted beans fresh fruits and whole grains should be consumed sufficiently.

Eating lightly spiced and freshly cooked foods are advised but intake of starchy vegetables such as yam beetroot and potatoes should be avoided. Drinking plenty of water and regular exercise will help to keep the diabetes level stable.

Herbal remedies for diabetes like fenugreek, amla, curry leaves and bitter gourd can be used in such a way to control the sugar level.

Fenugreek: Methi seeds can be powdered or whole methi seeds can also be chewed and swallowed daily. The seeds can be soaked overnight and then drink the water next morning is also good for diabetes patient.

Amla: Vitamin C content is high in amla and it work along with its stimulating action on the pancreas to reduce blood sugar levels. A tablespoon of amla juice mixed with a cup of bitter gourd juice helps to secrete insulin.

Curry leaves: They possess the qualities of herbal tonic which improve the digestive functions. Fresh leaves can also be chewed whole in the morning or curry leaves juice can be consumed with buttermilk.

Bitter gourd: This has a capacity of lowering the blood sugar level. It is also rich in calcium, dietary fiber, iron, and immunity boosting.