Friday, September 19, 2008

Toxic emotions and ways to come out

Negative emotions pollutes the mind in a most ditressful way. Low self-esteem, resentment, Anger, fear, jealousy and guilty consciousness creates toxic emotions. Even bad old food can also bring in toxins to the body. These toxins content and emotions can kill if it is not uprooted at the beginning. The first way to uproot these toxic emtions are first to recognize them. Once it is recognized we can deal that in various means and rhythmic breathing is one famous tool.

Check few tips here to rescue:

>>Understand and appreciate yourself that you want to change those bad feelings

>>Laughing is a therapy that rejunuvates mind and body, so laugh wholeheartedly.

>>Use the holidays and weekends to travel to the places surrounded by nature.

>>Have a good association with knowledgeable and intelligent person.

>>Emotional body can be calmed by aroma therapies.

>>Meditation is the amazing and best actitvity to reduce toxin emotions.

>>Be spiritual and it helps.

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