Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Exercise and stress controlness

Everyone are very conscious about their health and that increases focus on physical exercise. People normally do exercise to control their weight and get in to better shape. They also look attractive when exercises regularly. The real fact is exercise and stress are very closely linked and act as stress reliever for the folloing reasons.

Flushes out frustrations:

Annoyance and frustration will often gives us low grade anger, which is very dangerous for health. Potentially unhealthy emotions can flushed out by practising boxing, martial arts and involving in weight lifting. This ends in increase in health and well being.

Stress harmones by exercising:

Stressful harmones such as cortisol can be decreased by exercising. It also increases the level of endophins, which gives good feel and great mood.


Regular exercise can change your appearance and clothes fit in properly. This gives lot of confidence and Strength. Even worst criticism would not affect them since they are very confident about themselves.

Increase in overall health:

Exercise strengthens immunity and thus controls illness. Stress caused by illness thus averted. Healthier longer and enjoyable life is very much certain.

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