Thursday, September 18, 2008

Start a day with healthy routines and be happy

Having a wonderful morning certainly going to give pleasant energy through out the day. Here are certain tips to start a great day.

>>Putting on soothing instrumentals or spiritual music would have positive effect on mind and that helps to reduce the stress. You can get in to positive frame of mind in the morning

>>Having a shower in hot water is having the capacity of loosening your muscles. By that you can easily stretch. While stretching the toxins inside your body flushes out. This helps to start a day with relaxed mind and capacity to handle routines of the day with ease.

>>Healthy break fast in the morning would be important as it is the most important meal of the day. A great break fast in the morning can really balance blood sugar levels and that gives the staimina/energy to meet mental and physical stess. Lot of protein and fruits are recommended in the health break fast.

>>Drinking Green tea in the morning is good choice as it has loads of antioxidants and good for health. Green tea also burns fat.

>>Engaging in yoga in the early morning can give utmost health and best stress management. Yoga also give mind peacefullness. Diaphragmic breathing also best way to shed tension and calm the mind. Doing Yoga exposed to sun can give immense energy.

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