Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Tips Caring for Normal Skin

>>Even if you have a normal skin that is blemish free, soft and moist, smooth and glowing as well as supple, firm and wrinkle free and which has no acne or allergy, you would be wrong to think that you can neglect it. A skin care routine is essential to keep it that way.

>>Wash your face daily with a mild PH balanced soap and water. At night cleanse with a cleansing milk or cream containing rose or camomile. This helps remove make up and the day’s accumulated dirt and grime.

>>Use facial oil every night. Make your own by adding two drops of rose oil to three teaspoons of almond oil. Massage in with circular movements with your fingers across the forehead, around the sinus area, over the cheeks and chin, stroke up the back and front of the neck. Use the moisturizer containing rose or camomile daily in the day.

>>In the morning deep cleanse your face with a face shampoo.

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