Monday, October 6, 2008

Meditation - Benefits

Benefits of Meditation

By practising meditation regularly, the restless ness of the mind gets calm. Concentration power and mind focus increases as the sense of inner peace increases.

Overall the mind achieves peace. By attaining peace, mistakes are minimized, hast decision averted and ability to make better judgement increases. Tolerance and patience levels shoots up. Negative thought totally disappears.

An undisciplined mind accepts every passing thought, and wastes one's time and energy on futile, useless or negative thoughts. It also often aggravates every problem and takes it out of proportion. With a disciplined and trained mind, this tendency gradually gets weaker, and may even disappear.

Meditation makes one positive and behaves more constructively. It also increases the energy levels. It decreases blood pressure and more air flows to the lungs. It gives more emotional stability.

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