Tuesday, October 7, 2008

How to get your ex back and be happy

Everyone in this world will go through relationship break in their lifetimes. It is very tough indeed to overcome that disaster. It is not easy to come to normal. Nothing can match that loss. The entire world will look dark.

But one should not succumb to that pressure and go to extreme step. If you bow down then you will become a small character artiste in movies in which they come and go off the screen quickly. But the hero of the movie will come out of the flames with heroine in one hand. One should be a hero in their life’s, they should come out of this break ups successfully.

They might say words like "lets part", "I have to go out of this", "I am breaking" extra. It is horrible indeed to hear those words. In that time don’t words like "I love you", "I cant live with out you", "I will die without you", etc. These words cannot fetch love as they will only feel pity on you. Guilty conscious will eat them. Always remember that guilty conscious and pityness are never going to make them love you.

Romance is like a dance, when they go back, you too go back, when they come forward, you too come forward. And mainly don’t chase them. You chasing them only make them run and run faster. Stop chasing them if you ever want to get them back in your life. Stop chasing will make them stop running and subsequently they would turn back. When they turn back and look at you, they should see a sick and confidence less person. You must be like what they like in you. If you are happy and relaxed and busy with your schedules, they will be surprised and it is like cold water poured on them in winter season. That will bring them back. It has worked in all the cases.

Be patient, it always works. Not being patent means you are more likely to lose them permanently.

Follow all the above tips and you will get your loved ones back. If not, then understand they are not worth for your affection. But by following the above processes, you would become strong and can move on.

So happy with you loved ones and enjoy your life.

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