Monday, March 30, 2009

Simple ways to enhance marital relationships

>> Listen to your partner: Everyone likes to know their true feeling to be heard by their partner. So keep an empathetic to their words. Drill down and try to connect to their feelings and communicate back your understandings.

>> Have fun with them: Mechanical and repetitive life makes one frustrated. Take them to dinner alone at least once in a month. Give them surprise gift that they long solicit.

>> Make them feel that they are important: Always make them feel that they are very important in your life. Give utmost preference to their viewpoints.

>> Behave like a stranger in bed: All are having their own fantasies in life. Understand them. Grab them. Behave like a total stranger in bed in order to satisfy their fantasies.
Explore new things.

Follow the above simple ways to enhance marital relationships and live happily forever.