Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Reduce Tension with Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Overall body tension can be reduced by great technique called Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR). By doing this you will feel less stress and will get increased mental and physical health. Check below to get started.

1. Find a quiet place, sit or lie down and make yourself comfortable.
2. Begin by tensing all the muscles in your face. Make a tight grimace, close your eyes as tightly as possible, clench your teeth, even move your ears up if you can. Hold this for the count of eight as you inhale.
3. Now exhale and relax completely. Let your face go completely lax, as though you were sleeping. Feel the tension seep from your facial muscles, and enjoy the feeling.
4. Next, completely tense your neck and shoulders, again inhaling and counting to eight. Then exhale and relax.
5. Continue down your body, repeating the procedure with the following muscle groups:
• chest
• abdomen
• entire right arm
• right forearm and hand (making a fist)
• right hand
• entire left arm
• left forearm and hand (again, making a fist)
• left hand
• buttocks
• entire right leg
• lower right leg and foot
• right foot
• entire left leg
• lower left leg and foot
• left foot
6. for the shortened version, which includes just four main muscle groups:
• face
• neck, shoulders and arms
• abdomen and chest
• buttocks, legs and feet

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