Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Daily life happiness tips

In daily life we encountering all kinds of situations that are conductive to happiness or unhappiness. Practise to think and relish about happy moments and ignore or refuse unhappy events. By practising this, we can avoid becoming slaves for our moods. Having detached attachment even more better to be in peace.

happiness is inner peace and satisfaction that derived from positive events. So happiness is the state of mind comes from inside, triggered by outer events.

Few tips for happiness in daily life:

1) Change your way of looking at everything. Look at the brighter side and dont let your mind to think about negatavity.

2) Dont think on problems that does not have solutions.

3) Laughter is good for positive mind, so watch funny comedies.

4) Music is great therapy, listen to music

5) Read few pages in inspirational books everyday

6) Be careful with your negative thoughts, think of pleasant things when negative thought disturbs you

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