Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Welcome to my Blog - Find tips for healthy, fit, happy and peaceful life

Leading a healthy life is becoming very precious in the current world. This blog completely relates to tips that achieves healthy life with great fitness. Getting inner peace nowadays are really wanting in present stressful life.

How to lead a healthy life with out medical interference?

First and foremost thing to have a healthy life is being smart in the food we are conusming everyday.

Timeliness of taking food: A person must take food only he is hungry. Taking food on time is also very important. Having late breakfast or lunch or dinner are not advisable.

Consumption of food: In general only half of the stomach should be filled with solid food and rest with liquids.

Methods of consuming food:

1) Before meals, wash yourself. Always have food with affectionate people in a neat environment
2) Have food that is been done by quality and positive person. This gives vitality and gives quality of the food.
3) Chew your food properly and this ensures proper digestion
4) Consume hard items in the menu first that is followed by soft ones.
5) Heavy items should be completely avoided before and after the meals.
6) Go to the meal only after the smooth digestion of you previous meal.
7) Neither take either hot food that leads to weakness nor take it cold as it takes to indigestion.

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